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Socket Comfort: New knitting technology for more quality

With a large selection of silicone- and gel liners, donning aids and stump socks, we offer an extensive product range in the field of socket comfort. All products feature the use of first-class materials, high functionality and long durability. The assortment is completed by numerous lock-systems.

The new liner assortment is available since 2020 and provides a new knitting technology, considerably improving quality and comfort. The lateral seams of silicone- and gel liners are often subject to premature wear by friction. With the new functional round-knit, we achieved to develop a technology making lateral seams completely unnecessary. Therefore, the products are considerably more durable and wear-resistant.

New Features

  • New design and round-knit technology
  • New liner model PrimoSil.basic for geriatric care
  • Improved fit, simple handling
  • Optimised padding features in all models of Contex-Gel-Liners
  • New, soft silicone rotation caps 
  • Coloured orientation line, integrated serial number
  • Antibacterial finish