Streifeneder Unternehmensgruppe

Feel good all around - with a waterproof prosthesis solution.

Enjoy carefree everyday life - all year round, in all weathers. No matter whether it's a short cool-down on hot summer days or a warm bath in winter. For people with amputations, this is often not a matter of course. 
With waterproof components, however, high-quality prostheses for the lower extremity can be made, giving users more flexibility and an incomparable feeling for life. The prosthesis users can thus move easily and safely in wet areas. All corresponding fitting parts are designed in such a way that chlorine, salt, and fresh water can flow in and out again and there is no unpleasant buoyancy or even residual water in the prosthesis. The components can be installed individually but can also be perfectly combined with each other - from the foot to the socket, a diverse range is available. 


Centre of the prosthesis: the KINEGEN.wave 3A900 knee joint

Modern design combined with outstanding technology - the KINEGEN.wave 3A900 is the central focus of the waterproof prosthesis for transfemoral amputees. Thanks to its polycentric design, it has several features that provide the user with the necessary and desired safety. The robust knee joint is ideal as an initial or interim fitting and can be used, for example, during rehabilitation therapy in the swimming pool.