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MonoSil.HTV – Process silicone from only one component

MonoSil.HTV at a glance

  • Only one component: no mixing, no pre-rolling, fewer rolling cycles
  • optimal colour absorption
  • small amount of air pockets
  • pleasant feel, high level of wearer comfort
  • tear resistant after curing
  • Fits perfectly to the model due to rollers
  • can be processed on the model for 2 - 3 days
  • extended curing time
  • Store in the refrigerator: Durable for 1 year
  • Storage at room temperature, UV-protected: Durable for 6 months


  • Protect from moisture!
  • Be careful when dyeing modelling plaster: MonoSil.HTV reacts sensitively to sulphur.

Checklist for the perfect HTV silicone product

  • EpiSil and MonoSil.HTV must not be mixed
  • The plaster model must be made exclusively of porous plaster (5E1), sufficiently smoothed and dry*, insulated with sealer/liquid wax (84E9) and polished.
  • The silicone must reach room temperature and be free of condensation before processing. It must also be sufficiently rolled and coloured beforehand. Please watch out for air pockets when rolling with the processing roller.
  • Silicone roller and Silicone tool must be cleaned thoroughly before processing.
  • The hands must be clean and free of hand cream or cosmetics.
  • The surface may only be processed with the recommended materials
  • The silicone must be gently cured in an air oven: 6 hours at 80 °C, followed by 1 hour at 130 °C on the model and 1 hour at 130 °C without the model.


*3 days at 50 °C in a fan oven or 1 week at room temperature and low humidity.

Setting the temperature curves*

  1. Activate the ramp of the oven and increase it to 80 °C (within one minute).
  2. 6 hours at 80 °C
  3. 1 hour at 130 °C (on the model)
  4. 1 hour at 130 °C (without the model)
  5. allow to cool down to room temperature


*The temperature curve is based on the 50M6/3540 fan oven.

Pacolor for intensive colour results (44E10-44E19)

  • pasty and high-yielding
  • lightfast and temperature-resistant
  • Available in many colours
  • biocompatible


Tip: All colours can be mixed together and are suitable for all our silicones.

Store correctly

  • Unopened and in its original packaging (light protection bag), MonoSil.HTV can be kept in the refrigerator (4 - 6 °C) for 1 year and at room temperature for 6 months.
  • After opening or use, wrap in cling film and keep cool (4 - 6 °C) light-protective bag.


Prepare well in advance: To allow moisture to escape, MonoSil.HTV must be removed from the refrigerator at least 2.5 hours before processing to reach room temperature. This allows condensation to dry on the surface and no longer be rolled into the material afterwards.


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