Streifeneder Unternehmensgruppe

Therapy shoes – the full-service programme from Streifeneder

Newly revised – for more safety and comfort

Streifeneder ortho.production GmbH offers an extensive full service programme in the field of long-term surgical shoes, post-surgical shoes and partial foot relief shoes.

Our therapy shoes are the means of choice when it comes to the mobilisation of users and patients in the home, outpatient, or inpatient area. Depending on the indication, foot wounds are relieved or protected from pressure, friction, cold and wetness by the selected therapy shoe models. Foot wounds due to diabetes mellitus are among the most frequent indications for customised therapy shoes. For gait insecurities and dizziness that also occur, safe and user-friendly therapy shoes are required, which you will find in the extensive range of Streifeneder.

Our therapy shoes are characterised by:

  • extensive and well-matched range of therapy shoes
  • first-class, high-quality, and durable materials
  • very good adjustability and adaptability


For more functionality, safety and comfort, numerous features of our therapy shoes have now been improved and the range has been extended.

All innovations at a glance

  • cube cushion sole for selective pressure relief
  • anti-slip spots for more stability and gait security
  • reduced weight for especially easy walking
  • antibacterial finish
  • additional volume in the toe box
  • extended size range up to size 50 (15. 5 US)
  • new, innovative design
  • the new balance shoe Sirius as a perfect addition


Cube cushion sole for selective pressure relief

The new cube cushion sole integrated in most forefoot relief shoes enables specific, punctual relief of certain regions of the foot, for example in the case of plantar lesions and ulcerations.
Individual cubes can be removed and thus the pressure is redistributed. Affected areas are relieved and can therefore heal more easily. The cube cushion sole is particularly suitable for post-operative use and outpatient wound care - for chronic wounds such as diabetic foot syndrome (DFS) or post-operatively.


Anti-slip spots for more stability and gait safety

Anti-slip spots integrated into the outsole prevent lateral slipping in the middle stance phase. This feature is particularly useful for wet and slippery surfaces. Slippery tiles, splashes of water in the bathroom and kitchen or damp leaves in autumn - the sole spots provide a safe standing and walking feeling on different surfaces.



Reduced weight for especially light walking

An improved polyurethane compound reduces the weight of the outsoles by about 12%. This weight saving not only makes walking easier, but also increases comfort at the same time. Lighter shoes are also useful after a phase of bedriddenness to enable walking as easily as possible despite weakened muscles.


Antibacterial equipment inhibits the re-colonisation of certain germs

Hygiene is crucial, especially after operations or in outpatient wound care. The inner linings and cover materials of the cushion soles of all therapy shoe models have an antibacterial finish - based on an ammonium-silane compound. This finish inhibits the colonisation of the material by certain strains of bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus or Klebsiella pneumoniae. 


Additional volume in the toe box

The long-term surgical shoe Neptun B has been given even more volume in the toe box. This means that it can safely accommodate even extensive bandages or toe deformities such as hammer and claw toes. The additional space protects from pressure and friction. A particularly wide opening facilitates entry.


Extended size range up to size 50 (15.5 US)

Therapy shoes in oversize are hard to find. That is why we have now extended the size range of the slimmer long-term surgical shoe Neptun: It is available up to shoe size 50 (15.5 US). Thus, the Neptune model covers a comprehensive range and can also be recommended to patients with large feet. 


New, innovative design

The new, innovative shoe socket design enables even better adaptation to the injured foot - for a secure hold with incomparable wearing comfort. The Velcro fastener opens wide: even with a bandaged foot, the user can easily step into the shoe. The shoe fits the foot without pressure or friction, gives a secure feeling when standing and walking and thus supports self-confidence and mobility.

The perfect complement: the new Sirius balance shoe

Therapy shoes worn on one side with a raised sole design lengthen the leg and lead to an uncomfortable pelvic obliquity. This affects the back: to keep the head upright, the spine compensates for the tilt of the pelvis. If left untreated, this leads to muscle tension and pain.
A shoe adjusted in height for the unaffected side compensates for the difference. The new Sirius model prevents leg length differences - for a safe and physiological gait pattern. This shoe rounds off our complete service programme.


Would you like to know more?

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