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Design meets function - KINEGEN knee joint series

Prosthetic knee joints replace the body's own knee joint removed during an amputation. The construction must meet very high technical standards to allow the amputee to lead a carefree life again.

The prosthetic knee joint takes over some of the functions of the missing muscles in order to provide safety in the stance phase and the right amount of dynamics in the swing phase. It has to meet the patient's safety requirements, correspond to their dynamics and be adaptable to the individual walking pattern.

Which knee joint is used depends first of all on the mobility and weight class of the patient, but also on the requirements for activity and function. Therefore, these factors must be determined precisely in order to achieve the best possible fitting.

The KINEGEN series offers an excellent range of high-quality and reliable prosthetic joints for every need: For example, they are waterproof, hydraulically swing-phase controlled, polycentric or locked - with their variety, KINEGEN joints are the pivot of a high-quality, individual transfemoral prosthesis.

High functionality combined with aesthetic design creates more quality of life for the prosthesis wearer; in their everyday life as well as in their free time.


  • Activity level (walky): 3 to 4
  • Max. body weight: bis 150 kg
  • freewheel mode (cycling mode)


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  • Activity level (walky): 2 to 3
  • Intuitive handling
  • Large flexion angle


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  • activity level (walky): 1 bis 2
  • lock can be deactivated
  • waterproof (fresh, salt and chlorinated water)


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  • activity level (walky): 1 bis 2
  • intergrated extension asssist
  • lock can be deactivated


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Brochure 'Made in Germany - Knee Joint series KINEGEN'


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