Streifeneder Unternehmensgruppe

  • with lock for maximum stance phase stability
  • lock may be deactivated for more mobile users
  • high stance stability through load-dependant brake and posterior positioned joint axis
  • interior steplessly adjustable extension assist spring
  • individually adjustable extension stop

Technical data

  • max. patient weight: 125 kg
  • activity level (walky): 1 to 2
  • connection proximal: adjustment core
  • connection distal: tube clamp Ø 30 mm
  • knee flexion angle: 145°
  • overall height: 115 mm
  • effective height: 65 mm
  • effective proximal height: 27 mm
  • effective distal height: 38 mm


  • cosmetic soft foam cover 60A42/36-44

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Table 1
Material Weight Item-No.
Aluminium 550 g 3A860

After deactivating the lock, the may also be used as a knee joint with friction brake.