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Take a deep breath: the new AeroWalker with breathable insole is available

Created at Jan 15, 2018

Starting today, users can enjoy even more wearing comfort, because the pneumatic transtibial-foot-orthoses AeroWalker and AeroWalker.short feature a new, breathable insole. Small perforations in the insole provide optimal climate around the injured foot, preventing moisture and uncomfortable heat accumulation.

Of course, the new models still offer all known features as well. The pneumatic orthoses with their firm shell construction immobilise calf, ankle and foot in a 90° functional position. They are used for therapy after indications such as injuries of ligaments, soft tissue and tendons; as well as hallux-valgus post-surgeries. For further indications and information about the new AeroWalker and AeroWalker.short, please click here

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