Streifeneder Unternehmensgruppe
Streifeneder Sanitätshaus

The History of F. G. Streifeneder KG

1928 The Streifeneder firm is set up by Lilli and Friedrich Georg Streifeneder in Mannheim
1929 The first patent is applied for
1931 The property in Schöngeisinger Strasse in Fürstenfeldbruck is purchased
1932 The first orthopaedic workshop is fitted out in Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich
1945 Further orthopaedic workshops are set up to cater for war invalids
1949 The orthopaedic workshop starts up at the Bad Tölz Hospital
1953 The Munich site is opened
The wholesale business is expanded
1954 Reopening of the medical store in Schöngeisinger Strasse in Fürstenfeldbruck
1963 Opening of a further medical store in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
1967 Opening of a further medical store in Landsberg a. Lech
1968 The plastics, Streifylen and Streifylast, are launched along with the requisite heat sources
1972 Expansion of the rehabilitation department located in Munich
1991 F. G. Streifeneder KG gets part of WKM GmbH
1992 A production site is set up in Hungary to manufacture plastic products in small series
1993 The Production and Distribution division expands further
Move to the new company premises in Emmering, just outside Munich
1995 Export activities are stepped up
1997 Takeover of Maschinen-Schmid, the world market leader in socket router machinery
1998 The product range is extended by the Prosthetics product division
1999 Traditional in-house production is extended and the product spectrum expanded by modular components
2001 The new site in Emmering is extended by further storage space to 6,000 sqm
2003 Establishment of Orthomedical GmbH
2004 Establishment of the orthopaedic workshop Orthopädische Klinikwerkstätte Großhadern GmbH
Establishment of distribution structure in China
2007 F. G. Streifeneder KG Rehatechnik (rehabilitation department) and WKM GmbH joined in opening a new location in Munich/Wildermuthstrasse
Streifeneder ortho.production GmbH is set up as an independent subsidiary
2009 Refurbishment and modernisation of the subsidiary in Munich/Rottmannstrasse
Further subsidiaries are following
2010 Service centre Reha & Care is part of the company group
A new building is purchased for Streifeneder ortho production GmbH in Emmering
2011 F. G. Streifender KG Rehatechnik takes over the product range rehabilitation from WKM GmbH as well as the subsidiary in Barlachstrasse
Establishment of distribution structures in Latin America and India. Relocation of Streifeneder ortho production to the new building with modern training and education, logistics- and administration centre.
2012 Relocation of F. G. Streifender Rehatechnik to the new building in Emmering
Grand opening of Streifeneder Training Centre, with focus on national and international markets