Streifeneder Unternehmensgruppe

Streifeneder Group

The Streifeneder world has many colours – we work in various business areas in orthopaedic, rehab and medical technology and offer a wide range of high quality products and extensive services. With our own healthcare supply shops, we are suppliers and specialists for a wide range of aids and healthcare products. Our customers are also very diverse – from neonates to seniors, from amateur athletes to extreme sports fans, those affected to their relatives – no matter what your skin colour or gender, whether you need our help temporarily or permanently, our aim is to recognise your concerns and needs, your wishes and requirements so we can be by your side with help and advice. The requirements that our partners and colleagues, doctors, technicians, nurses and medical technology staff place on us are also very varied. We want to meet these and rely on constant dialogue with one another.

Designing and editing a company brochure is like creating a family photo album:
it shows how individual members of the family have changed over the past few years, how they have grown both physically and mentally and where they have travelled or lived. People who are important come along and some leave. A comfortable vehicle might also have replaced the small family car (that people still remember fondly for the fact that six people managed to fit in it for the family holiday trip). Various anecdotes are included in the family history...

You can think about the creation of this brochure in a similar way: who are we and what do we do? Where do we come from and where are we trying to go? How do we see ourselves and how do others see us? (You can find our company brochure on the right.)