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Created at 15.05.2018

Each individual’s lifestyle, leisure activities and mobility needs are just as unique as they are. Still, anyone who wears a prosthesis wants something that provides comfort and takes care of their needs as effectively as possible. Something that moves in a similar way to a natural foot. The GO prosthetic foot range was developed, almost entirely at Streifender ortho.production’s headquarters in Munich, with these needs in mind. The first two models in the range, and, cover mobility classes 1 to 2 and 3 to (4) respectively. Made entirely out of multi-layer carbon accompanied by an elastic insert, they provide high energy return and perfect shock absorption. A broad base spring and full contact between foot and ground give them the necessary stability. The, which was developed for higher activity classes, allows you to adjust the firmness of the heels with removable wedges you can swap and change.  

You can find out more about the GO. carbon foot range and its first models, and here.


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