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Below Knee Prosthetics – Intensive Seminar

takes place
upon request

During this intensive seminar, we want to give you a theoretical overview of the various care options for below-knee prostheses. Different lock- and vacuum socket systems will be covered and explained in details. In the practical part of the seminar, you will manufacture a ready-to-fit below-knee prosthesis. 
You will be instructed in following tasks:

•    taking measurements and plaster casts of the patient
•    modelling the cast positive
•    if necessary: production of a soft socket cone 
•    deep-drawing of a PET-trial socket
•    perpendicular prosthesis construction
•    static and dynamic fitting
•    error analysis

Following the above seminar, we recommend to visit our „Gait Analysis Below Knee Prosthetics”  intensive seminar.

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