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The new seminar calendar – what participants can expect in 2018

Created at Nov 27, 2017

Once again, Streifeneder training team has composed an exciting, varied program combined of popular seminars with new, carefully selected topics for 2018. For example, Dipl. Physiotherapist Anna Kling will lecture for the first time about clinical diagnosis of the lower extremities: “I am very happy to be part of it this time. Experience and open questions can be shared and communicated best in direct exchange with colleagues.” Practice and orthopaedic trade work are in the focus of our trainings. The biggest challenges often are met only by becoming active. Yet, theory is also a main focal point, such as the presentation of Priv. Doz. Dr. med. habil. Lutz Brückner. The reputable surgeon explains post-surgery care and amputation of the lower extremities. Further basic seminars with topics pre-preg, scoliosis therapy and gait analysis provide professional knowledge for daily business

Please see our new brochure for a complete overview as well as detailed descriptions of all trainings and workshops.


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