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Exciting topics for advanced education: the seminar calendar 2019

Created at Dec 10, 2018

For Streifeneder, advanced education is a big issue just as the development of high-quality products. For the new year, Streifeneder team has again developed an interesting seminar programme, focusing on up-to-date and relevant subjects and questions. Besides theoretical basics, practical training actively involving the participants is the main point. The training center in Emmering near Munich offers room for creativity and the unique chance to try out new and well-known materials outside the daily business of orthopaedic technology work. For example, the seminar “hints and tricks for plastic manufacturing” taking place in May.

Once again, the schedule 2019 also contains the intensive seminar about gait analysis. The participants learn all about biomechanical action principle as well as gait aberrancies and the optimisation of various gait patterns. Recording and analysis of the gait pattern is done by our

An overview, registration conditions and much more information can be obtained here on our website or in our detailed brochure

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