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Merkur A

Partial Foot Decompression Shoe (Post-Surgical Shoe) with cube cushion sole

Intended use

  • main feature of the the Post-Surgical Shoe is a rigid, slightly ascending outsole towards the front (negative heel)
  • pressure relief and pressure distribution during the walking cycle
  • benefits the healing process of wounds in the forefoot area
  • the Post-Surgical Shoe encompasses the entire foot and ankle area with a softly padded upper
  • Hook- and loop fasteners at the wide flap prevent slipping within the shoe
  • Cube cushion sole for selective pressure relief
  • the flap can be opened widely and together with the individually adjustable hook- and loop fasteners, it provides sufficient space for bandaged feet
  • improved slip protection by integrated anti-slip nubs
  • Inner lining fabric of the shoe as well as cover fabric of the padded insole are anti-bacterially equipped based on ammonium-silane-compound; this limits colonisation of the material with certain bacterial strains (e.g. Staphylokokkus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae)


  • Wounds in the foot- and ankle area caused by diabetes mellitus
  • peripheral artery occlusive disease (PAOD)
  • other indication independent wound formation in the foot and ankle area
  • postoperative and trauma
  • Gait unsteadiness (dizziness, visual impairment)


  • Do not use for the above indications if sufficient pressure relief cannot be achieved through the application.
  • do not wear directly on injured, irritated or damaged skin (Protective bandage, sock)
  • do not use for unstable or fracture prone diabetic neuro-osteoarthropathic foot syndromes, DNOAP (e.g. florid Charcot foot).
  • use only with walking supports
  • weight limit: 120 kg

Special feature

In connection with wounds in the foot¸ and ankle area, pressure complaints or other disorders can often be noticed too late or not at all. We therefore recommend that you check your feet, their bandages and orthopaedic aids daily. In case of occurring disorders, specific questions, delays in wound healing or unauthorised discontinuation of therapy ("incompliance"), please consult your attending physician or your medical supply store.

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Table 1
Shoe size Inner Shoe Length Inner Shoe Width Item-No.
35 – 36 approx. 238 mm approx. 90 mm 202R1/36
37 – 38 approx. 251 mm approx. 92.5 mm 202R1/38
39 – 40 approx. 264 mm approx. 95 mm 202R1/40
41 – 42 approx. 277 mm approx. 97.5 mm 202R1/42
43 – 44 approx. 290 mm approx. 100 mm 202R1/44
45 – 46 approx. 303 mm approx. 102.5 mm 202R1/46
47 – 48 approx. 316 mm approx. 105 mm 202R1/48
49 – 50 approx. 330 mm approx. 112.5 mm 202R1/50

Please put the supplied plastic bag over the patient’s foot prior to the first fitting. This will avoid contamination of the shoe with pathogens if size needs to be changed.

The Model Merkur A can be worn on right or left side. To avoid a pelvic obliquity, use the balance shoe model Sirius.