Streifeneder Unternehmensgruppe

Highest Quality of the Schmid Machines Brand

Modern, high-quality and technically complex supplies in orthopaedic technology are only possible with machines that work just as professionally as you. All the machines manufactured and offered by us comply with the applicable guidelines and benchmarks of the professional associations.

The socket router is the basis of all artisanal activity in the field of orthopaedics technology. Our powerful "Schmid Machines"socket routers stand for precision and durability and have been one of the flagships in orthopaedic technology. The company "Schmid Machines", founded in the thirties of the last century, within a short time became "the" machine manufacturer in the orthopaedic industry. In addition to socket routers, among others surface planers, lathes, band saws and belt sanders were manufactured, which at that time were still called "Columbus."

Made in Germany

Then as now, attention was paid to providing a good price-performance ratio, a space-saving design and easy handling. "Schmid Machines GmbH" has now been 100% incorporated into the Streifeneder ortho.production GmbH. Durable and extremely robust engines describe even today the decisive advantage over many of the competitors' models. The entire production of the "Schmid Machines" socket routers in Germany guarantees the robust and reliable "Made in Germany" quality and ensures that these machines run without mechanical problems for up to 70 years.