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Orthesen und Bandagen

Orthotics and Supports from Head to Toe

Movement represents a fundamental prerequisite for the health and physical well-being of a person. The orthoses of Streifeneder ortho.production GmbH help to restore limited mobility due to illness or injury or to preserve existing mobility. The musculoskeletal system is relieved; joints are better guided and stabilized or, if necessary, also immobilized. Also in the treatment and prevention of improper stresses and overloads, the various aids show their effect by correcting misalignments in a physiological form.

Firstclass function, high wearing comfort

With our broad "Made in Germany" product assortment, the most common indications such as

  • trauma
  • capsule injuries
  • ligament strains
  • cracks, bruises and sprains

can be treated from head to foot. The focus is on an optimal balance between function and comfort in the development and construction of orthoses and supports.

We subject ourselves and our products to highest quality standards. All of our supports, braces and orthoses have been extensively tested to prove their medical efficacy. Therefore our customers receive exactly what they can expect from us - best quality and long-lasting products. See the quality of our products and the comprehensive service that we have to offer for yourself!