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Artikon.junior – Knee Joint Bars for children

The knee joint bars Artikon.junior were developed for child-appropriate care of patients with flaccid paralysis, such as following an instance of poliomyelitis or spastic paralysis such as infantile cerebral palsy (ICP). The rails are tailored towards the special needs of children both
when selecting the materials and with regard to the safety aspects and they help young patients to achieve greater mobility in their everyday lives.

Safety by means of a ring lock

In order to achieve a high level of safety both when standing and when walking, the bars are equipped with ring locks. When the joint is fully extended, the lock falls into the lower end position, locking the knee joint. In order to bend the joint (for example when sitting down), the ring lock simply has to be lifted gently by hand. This releases the lock.

Mobility achieved by light weight and flat construction

Artikon.junior knee joints are made of stainless steel. Since the upper and lower parts of the bars are made of light yet very stable aluminum, however, the little patients are only burdened with a small amount of weight. The knee joint bars profi le is of fl at construction. This flat construction means the final orthosis remains compact, is not particularly bulky and offers precisely the freedom of motion needed for children’s activities. The technician is able to set the system width to 12 mm (8J22/S12), 14 mm (8J22/S14) or 16 mm (8J22/S16), depending on the various individual requirements.

Brochure – Modular Orthotic Joint System