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Colour scheme:
create a look with Colouring Paper and decoration-lamination fabric

Those who would like to create an interesting look of orthotics and prosthetics, opt for Colouring Paper which is also known as transfer-Colouring Paper, and decoration-lamination fabric. The materials are versatile usable and provide simple and individual looks on various

White thermoplastic synthetic materials such as polyethylene (Streifylen RCH 500, RCH 1000), polypropylene (Streifydur) and copolymers (Streifydur Ortho) can be designed with the attractive patterns of Colouring Paper. For resin casting technology, numerous designs can be created by using decoration-lamination fabric.

Decoration-lamination fabric and -tubes

Decoration-lamination fabric are used in the final arming layer and provide a special coloured
surface on orthoses and prosthetic sockets.
The decoration-lamination fabric by Streifeneder ortho.production GmbH is available as flat
fabric to be sewn onto the model or as pre-finished tube 15 cm or 20 cm wide.

Creative benefit with „My.Design“

The surfaces can be styled even more individually with Streifeneder ortho.production „My.Design“. Customers can order colouring paper, decorative fabrics and –tubes with their own company logo or individually designed patterns! Just send the final data as digital, high-resolution file to Streifeneder ortho.production, where they will be produced upon demand.


Creating individual surfaces with our colouring paper configurator.
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Brochure Colouring Paper

A selection of our patterns


Legal note: Please bear in mind that the designs and image motifs submitted to us have to be free of intellectual property rights of third parties. If you wish to use a registered trademark or a protected design it will be your obligation to seek written consent from the owner and to verify that consent to us.