Streifeneder Unternehmensgruppe

Strong hold, easy handling:
The GenuSupport and GenuSupport.frontal

The hard frame knee orthoses GenuSupport and GenuSupport.frontal are used for therapy after surgery and support the healing process after indications such as ruptures of the cruciate ligament and accompanying or isolated injuries on the collateral ligaments and menisci. They fulfil all requirements of orthopaedic technicians and patients with their numerous features.
In contrast to its previous model, the new GenuSupport.frontal can be installed frontally. This also provides optimum support for bedridden patients.


Light weight with high wearing comfort

Thanks to the high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy of the metal frame, the orthoses are particularly light but also very stable and torsion-resistant.
The open-work design in the metal frame not only gives an airy, light look – it also makes manual adjustment to the individual leg circumference easier. The sleek titanium grey and the black colouring round off the elegant design.
The profiled pads fit perfectly into the grid structure of the hard frame knee orthoses. This ensures a stable positioning of the pads.

Easy handling

The hard frame knee orthoses can be easily adapted to the patient's anatomy by simple manual adjustment. The wedges and fastening screws are easily accessible from the outside and can be adjusted quickly. Only one tool – a 2.5 mm allen key – is required for fitting the orthosis.
On both models, the top strap is inclined so that it follows the
anatomy of the thigh when closing.

Advantage of the GenuSupport.frontal:

For bedridden or mobility impaired patients, it is often difficult to tighten the hard frame knee orthosis.
For this reason, the new GenuSupport.frontal can be simply fitted on top and securely closed. It is no longer necessary to ‘step through’.