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Relaunch of the Clutch Lock 10S1

Erstellt am 17.06.2021

The new Clutch Lock 10S1 - high-quality plastic for unmistakable quality

The new Clutch Lock 10S1 meets the highest demands on quality, technology and comfort. What is new about the high-quality connector is the choice of material - because the milled and glass-fibre reinforced plastic now processed ensures unique dimensional stability. For users and technicians, this means that the Clutch Lock is absolutely resistant to external influences such as temperature fluctuations or humidity. In addition, thanks to the material, a stainless steel pin guidance can be dispensed with. At the same time, the already precise retraction and release mechanism has been further improved. With the "EasyClick" system, prosthesis wearers only have to apply minimal force to release the residual limb from the prosthesis and securely lock it again.

The new Clutch Lock 10S1 at a glance

  • Clutch Lock 10S1 made of milled, glass-fibre reinforced plastic
  • Left-hand thread for increased safety
  • "EasyClick" system: optimised pull-in and release mechanism
  • Mobility class (Walky): 1 to 4
  • Mounting height 23 mm
  • 80 % more surface hardness compared to the previous model

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