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Relaunch for the AK-Control.Sil!

Erstellt am 15.09.2020

New design, improved functions - this is the new AK-Control.Sil!

A transfemoral liner with an all-round comfort package: The AK-Control.Sil now offers users intelligent features that make everyday life and life with a prosthesis significantly easier. As the last model in the silicone liner product range, the AK-Control.Sil is now also equipped with a one-piece knitted textile cover. Without lateral seams, the cover prevents premature wear and tear and allows easy rolling up and unrolling. 
The version of the AK-Control.Sil 60L10 continues to rely on lateral anti-rotation strips on the outer matrix. This prevents twisting between liner and prosthesis socket and creates greater stability and guidance in the control area of the transfemoral prosthesis. Visually, the aid presents itself in a new, elegant and timeless colour scheme. 

At a glance

  • Transfemoral liner without distal connector (60L50) and with distal connector (60L10)
  • 2 mm wall thickness for controlled expansion in the socket entry zone
  • single-piece textile cover without side seams
  • Anti-rotation strips on the outer matrix (60L10) 
  • Rotation control for better prosthesis guidance
  • Orientation strips as dressing aid
  • slightly conical shape, no inner matrix 
  • knitted in longitudinal tension barrier
  • antibacterial equipment
  • knitted in serial number
  • Walky 1 – 4

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