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Order now: the new GO.relax is available

Created at May 27, 2019

Mobility with fun:  the new GO.relax

Experience relaxed daily living – with the new carbon foot GO.relax, all prosthetic users of activity (walky) levels 2 – 3 are ultimatively cared for. The model is part of the series GO., which was launched last year with the and the Characteristic of all prosthetic feet of the series is the multi-layered basic carbon spring, accompanied by an elastomeric core. This material composition grants dynamics, stability and multi-axiality. Furthermore, users appreciate the long full-contact between foot and ground and the optimal balancing on uneven outdoor ground. The new GO.relax is the ideal companion at home and its nearby surroundings and optimally meets the requirements of people with increased safety demands.

Click here for detailed information on all three models, GO.relax and in our product information and product videos.

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