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Now available: the new Max.Aktiv bandages! 

Created at 01.07.2020

The best choice for a life in motion: the new Max.Aktiv bandages. 

With an entirely revised concept and innovative functions, the new Max.Aktiv bandages are great for prevention and for treating injuries. The patient benefits from the unique 3D knit technology, which adapts perfectly to the area of the body that is affected. Reinforced functional zones provide optimum support for the joint and ensure sufficient strain relief. One major advantage of the material is also its temperature regulation properties: the fibres rapidly absorb any moisture that is created and quickly release it again. This prevents any unpleasant accumulation of heat and thus improves the hygiene level entirely naturally. Integrated pads have a gentle massage effect on the tissue whilst you are moving around, thus improving circulation, proprioception and ultimately reducing pain. 

An overview of the new functions

  • Modern 3D functional knit with padded comfort zones
  • Minimised pressure on the edges prevents the bandage from cutting in
  • Special stretch zones make it easy to put on and take off the bandage
  • Integrated pads improve circulation
  • Skin-friendly and breathable
  • Available for the ankle, Achilles tendon, knee, lumbar area, elbow and wrist

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