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MonoSil.HTV: silicone processing with a single component

Created at Jun 24, 2019

Optimal results in no time with new MonoSil.HTV

Silicones are an important and established material in orthopaedic technology. The silicones known so far required mixing of two components in the exact ratio of 1:1. The new MonoSil.HTV consists of just one component and therefore provides considerable time savings to the orthopaedic technician! The new material is available now in 3 shore hardness grades (35, 55 and 70 shore A). It is rollable, extremely tear-proof after vulcanisation and can be coloured optimally with Pacolor or Facolor. To work with the new material, it should be prepared in time: MonoSil.HTV must be stored cool (e.g. refrigerator) and is sensitive against humidity. The silicone must therefore be taken out of the refrigerator to warm up at least one hour before use.

Click here for all information and more important advice about storage. 

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