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Control4Sil. - the new sealing lip liner

Erstellt am 03.08.2020

Simply strong - the new Control4Sil sealing lip liner.

A new liner with excellent fit and easy handling: the Control4SIl. sealing lip liner now complements the range of products for socket comfort. With its four ring-shaped sealing lips, it ensures a secure connection between prosthesis and socket and, thanks to its high-quality material, still offers the user a great deal of wearing comfort. The outside has a special sliding coating, so that donning and doffing are easy and can be performed without aids. Furthermore, the new Control4Sil. has no textile coating, so it’s perfectly suited for wet areas and can be cleaned and dried in no time. 

The new Control4Sil. at a glance

  • Available for two residual limb forms: Control4Sil.basic 65S1 (cylindrical) and Control4Sil.conic 65S5 (conical)
  • 4 ring-shaped sealing lips for secure fit in a vacuum socket technology 
  • Mobility class (Walky) 1 to 4
  • Integrated matrix stocking reduces longitudinal stroke while maintaining unlimited lateral elasticity 
  • Easy to clean, can be used in wet areas
  • Optimised sizing (25 cm to 50 cm) available

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