Streifeneder Unternehmensgruppe
Prothesen Anwender mit hohem Körpergewicht

Structural parts for users with higher body weight

XXL-care up to 225 kg

Streifeneder ortho.production GmbH’s heavy duty product line covers components for maximum body weight of up to 225 kg and has been developed to restore the mobility of heavy weight users. With these components, the orthopaedic technician is able to build challenging prosthetic devices and at the same time, can depend on consistently excellent quality.

Due to high quality titanium and aluminium the structural parts convince with low construction weight plus maximum rigidness. The product line includes e.g. screw adapter and light alloy tube.

Titanium components up to max. 175 kg

Thanks to a special titanium alloy, we are able to increase the maximum load of a complete range of structural components to 175 kg. The titanium components are compatible with all Streifeneder ortho.production structural components.

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