Streifeneder Unternehmensgruppe

New Socket Comfort

With a large selection of silicone and gel liners, application assistance and stump socks we offer a wide range in the area of ​​socket comfort. All products are characterized by the use of premium materials, high functionality and durability.

The new liner product line is characterized by improved polymer properties. An antimicrobial additive in silicone and gel, rotary controls, and improved mechanical properties of the function cover fabric provide a very high wearing comfort and an even higher stability. New materials, fabrics and prints and a modern colour scheme give our new liner product line an attractive appearance.

The new features

  • Special additive in silicone and gel
  • Improved polymer properties
  • Distal rotation controls for greater stability
  • Anti-rotation strips for the AK-liner AK-Control.Sil.
  • New function cover fabric