Streifeneder Unternehmensgruppe 3A2000 becomes 3A2500

The polycentric knee joint for highly active users shines
in new design and provides clever features for even more comfortable use.

For highly active patients, the polycentric knee joint has proven its values. The axis configuration allows a maximum degree of dynamics, while a high-performance hydraulic unit with precise adjustment options allows an optimal, individual customisation of the joint to the prosthetic user. The continuously adjustable end position  damping provides even more wearing comfort.

The features a free run mode, which enables the prosthesis user to limit the resistance in the joint to a minimum by simply switching over; during activities such as riding a bicycle. The joint can now be switched into cycling mode by the user even more easily and independently by means of a lateral push button with bicycle symbol. With the push button on the opposite side, the user can switch back into walking mode.

The swing phase control is regulated by an effi cient hydraulic damper.
Due to the new hydraulic construction, the damper can be adjusted very comfortably from the front, while the prosthesis wearer is in sitting position.

New improved mechanics – lighter, lower, sturdier

• lower construction height
• reduced weight
• even more sturdy and durable
• damper protection by encapsulation, clever integrated in the design

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