Streifeneder Unternehmensgruppe


Pneumatic lower leg-foot orthosis for immobilisation in a defined position, short version
• shell construction with integrated air cushion

Mode of Action

• immobilisation of the calf / foot area in designated 90° position by rigid
   shell construction
• integrated, individually inflatable air chamber surrounds the entire foot   from the ankle area to the mid foot and provides customised foot- and
  calf position in the shoe
• rocker sole with profile benefits a natural gait pattern
• adjustable, removable toe protection prevents concussion damages
• rounded edge, slightly bent to the outside, in the calf area prevents 
• low weight and breathability by slotted shell design
• together with the heel wedges, item-no. 62R13, the AeroWalker.short
   can also be used for relief of injuries of the achilles tendon


• ligament, soft part or tendon injuries
• conservative and postoperative treatment of stable fractures of the
   foot, ankle and distal lower leg
• severe ankle distortion
• after hallux-valgus-surgery
• pre- or postoperative/posttraumatic immobilisation
• toe arthroplasty


• material incompatibility/allergies
• do not wear directly on wounded, irritated or damaged skin
• circulatory disorders
• weight limit: 120 kg
• not suitable for high activity
• use only with walking supports