Streifeneder Unternehmensgruppe 3D Motion Analysis Tool 2D – Motion Analysis Tool

With 2D Streifeneder is able to present a novel system, that gives easy access to gait analysis with a small effort and high benefit. Suitable for mobile use and extremely user-friendly, 2D enables video-based gait analysis in real-time when the patient is walking, standing and running. 2D is based on a world-wide unique software which enables cameras to recognize coloured LED markers and to connect them using a special algorithm. The results are directly displayed as angles on your computer.

In orthopaedic technology the dynamic analysis of motion sequences during walking activities (e. g. with a prosthesis) has seldom been done on a video basis. The assessment of the gait pattern is rather done according to the trained eye of the orthopaedic and orthopaedic shoe technician. It is especially in these cases that is supposed to support the orthopaedic respectively the orthopaedic shoe technician, to study the gait cycle even more detailed and differentiated using the pictures taken by a high speed camera.

Motion Analysis